The KLM KT34 Beam

Perhaps one of the finest beams ever made at an affordable price. Four elements. Two driven. Two passive. The two center elements are driven 180 degrees out of phase similar to the 8JK wire beam. The balance feed is converted to 50 ohm coaxial on the antenna boom. Balun has a rating of over 2kw. This triband beam has no traps or loading coils. Triband coverage is achieved by using capacitive stubs. This antenna has exceptional broadband characteristics. It is particularly good at covering the entire 10 meter band with SWR below 1.5:1. Gain is about 8db with front to back better than 20db.

Although not clearly shown, there is a two section vertical collinear 2 meter antenna extending out of the top of the tower above the HF beam.

The cross bar under the rotator base is clearly visible. One side of the cross bar holds a pulley and halyard for wire antennas of the dipole variety. The other end of the cross bar supports a drop wire that is used to shunt feed the tower for use as a vertical on HF bands.