Listed below are summaries of several audio amplifiers that I have built or restored. Some of the summaries have links to pages containing more information on the particular project. All links go to additional pages that I maintain. All projects presented have been built, tested, and most are still in use.

  • This is a single channel amp using a pair of 6L6s
  • St70-1.jpg A compact assembly with power output tubes recessed Into the chassis to provide some extra cooling. The chassis was 7 X 9 X 2 inches and housed both the power supply as well as the power amp and preamp. This project was never fully completed. However, it did work up to the pre-amp. I just never got a pair of good 6L6s to take it all the way to completion.

  • A low power stereo amp/pre-amp.
  • 1626front.jpgThis is my version of the 'Darling' amp. Power is a little less than two watts per channel using two 1626 triodes in parallel per channel. The preamps are 6SN7s. This particular amplified uses two Magnaquest output transformers which may end up getting replaced with more reasonable iron. The Magnaquest transformers are capable of much more power and would be excellent in a larger amp. This amp is available. Best offer over $250.

  • Low power monoblock using a minimum of components
  • 6em7top01-s.jpgA 6EM7 is used as the power amp and driver. The pre-amp is a 6SN7 connected as a SSRP amp. Two of these were built. One for each channel of my stereo TV. I would hardly call this a home theatre, but with efficient speakers it is a major improvement over over the tinny audio from the stock TV. Both amps, power supply and cables available. Best offer over $100.

  • EICO HF-81 Restoration
  • hf81-s.jpgThis was a major success in resurrecting a very nice, medium power, integrated amp. 14 watts per channel. Restoration included replacing the power transformer, the filter capacitors, the filament hum adjustment pot, two tube sockets, and a few resistors in the pre-amp section. This amp is currently available. I will accept the highest offer over $300.

  • EICO 2536 restoration
  • 2536-s.jpgThe EICO 2536 incorporates the same basic, integrated amp used on the HF-81. In addition, the 2536 includes a very nice FM stereo tuner. Restoration was more than worth the effort. All that had to be replaced were the power supply filter capacitors. This amp is availble. Best offer over $350.



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