Listed below are several ham radio projects that I have built. All projects presented have been built, tested, and most are still in use.

  • This is a 2N5109 broad-band amplifier
  • sideview-s.jpg An assembly using printed circuit board material to form the circuit and chassis.

  • A very simple two wire current interface for ICOM remote control via computer
  • Ci-v-b.jpgThis interface is housed in a DB-25 connector with a metal shell. Point to point wiring on a scrap of printed circuit board is used to build the circuit. The circuit interfaces a current control loop to standard serial interface to a PC on com1 or com2.

  • Conversion of a DX-35 into a DX-60 clone
  • dx60top1-s.jpgA heavily modified (trashed) DX-35 is given a new lease on life by converting it to a DX-60 electrical equivalent.

  • Heath DX-20 Clone
  • Dxcfinal01-s.jpgThis is a very nice little MOPA. Copy of the Heath DX-20 design in a much smaller cabinet. Runs an honest 35 watts. Very stable signal up to 20 meters, but a little chirpy above 20 meters.

  • Z-Match Antenna Tuner
  • Z-m-1.jpgThis antenna tuner is built from plans taken from a very old QST article. This is the original Z-Match. It uses an all-band tank design to tune 80 thru 10 meters and provides a ballanced output without need for a balun. This antenna tuner works well, is efficient, and handles power levels up to 500 watts with the components described.

  • Frequency Meter
  • Bc-6.jpgNot sure why it is called a Frequency Meter. It has no readout except for the dial which is an input, not an output. This thing is a very stable VFO.

  • Trans Match
  • Nye-1.jpgThis is one of the higher priced transmission line matching networks. It IS rated at 3KW. Perhaps that justifies its high price.



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